Top 10 Best Carry Luggages in 2019 Reviews
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Top 10 Best Carry Luggages in 2019 Reviews

Gone are the decades of unrecognizable canvas bag with shaky wheels and worn out corner parts! For even those who travel irregularly, carry luggage is not something to be skimped, overlooked or compromised on. This is because the top carry-on luggage models have in recent times rolled out the most practical and elegant looking small carry luggage. In the same manner, outdoor adventure-seekers and business travelers can find maximum space, value, security, and durability in the variety of the luggage carry-on of the year.

10. Century Carry-On Luggage Expandable Spinner by Hartmann

Century Carry-On Luggage Expandable Spinner by Hartmann

Contemporary, lightweight, and impeccably organized, the 21-inches Century Carry-On luggage Expandable Spinner by Hartmann is an ideal accessory for the sophisticated jet-setter. With its smooth rolling wheels, durable and elegant polycarbonate shell, and detachable trifold suite, this beautiful luggage carry- on oozes cool stylish superiority, make a fanciful addition to any traveler’s collection.

It is ideal for 2 days short distance tours and domestic travel. The TSA-approved integrated- lock and definitive DucordTM striping, glossy interior lining complete the assortment of features you anticipate from great high-end luggage. This is because you are worthy of a stuffing and travel experience which, makes you feel like a luxury, irrespective of where your journeys take you.

Check Product Features
  • Manufactures using 100% polycarbonate shell
  • Detachable, tri-fold padded suite
  • Smooth mesh zippered panel
  • Incorporated TSA combination lock
  • Backed by 10-Year Limited Warranty
  • Adjustable tie-tapes
  • Smooth rolling ball-bearing- wheels
  • Virgin aluminum handle works perfectly every time
  • The zip-out expansion provides extra space
  • Travel standards Compliant with incorporated TSA combination lock that provides security
  • None7.Carry-On Luggage/22-inches by CHESTER

9. Ben Sherman Nottingham 24-inches Hard-side 4-Wheel Spinner Lightweight Checked Luggage

Ben Sherman Nottingham Lightweight Hardside

For a strong and snazzy-looking luggage carry-on that holds a large amount of gear, this one by Ben Sherman Nottingham has become a top-ranking lightweight option. Weighing 9.3 pounds only, the bag features a definitive clamshell design a glossy, checkered exterior arrangement, allowing it to outsmart other brands in the market. At the corners, there is reinforcement for added security, whereas the locking retractable handgrip incorporates a padded grip that helps in transportation.

The product measures 27-inches x 17.5-inches x 11-inches and incorporates a lined, tear-resistant interior. Other notable features consist of a side zipper pocket, mesh interior and “U”-shaped pocket on the top to help in organizing luggage, plus twofold zippers for safekeeping. It also has 24-inches embossed pap upright 4-wheel.The luggage carry-on features in charcoal.

Check Product Features
  • Fully lined and tear the resistant interior
  • Incorporates two-sided packing
  • Locking telescopic trolley handle system
  • Weight: 9.3 lbs
  • Have 24-inches embossed pap upright 4-wheelPros
  • Lightweight construction
  • Durable and dent resistant
  • Locking retractable handle features a padded grasp which makes transportation easier
  • Not that spacious

8. American Tourister Hardside Spinner 21-inches Kids’ Marvel Comics

American Tourister Hardside Spinner 21-inches Kids’ Marvel Comics

Calling all Marvel enthusiasts out there! This American Tourister 21-inches spinner luggage bag is decorated out in vibrant graphics portraying your favorite Marvel Funnies sports, and characters a robust polycarbonate split-cover shell with cross-straps and roomy lining pocket.

The American Tourister 21-inches spinner luggage bag is tailored using from a durable and lightweight polycarbonate material which, features single spinner wheels, sleek design and an easy pull handle with top-grab-handle for convenient lifting. Lightweight, roomy and ease of spotting on the ride, this exciting hard-side luggage enhances a bit of pleasurable to all travel plans.

Check Product Features
  • Polycarbonate split-case shell
  • Measures 9.5-inches x 14.8-inches x 21-inches
  • Retractable side and top carry handles
  • Scratch resistant textured shell finish
  • Weighs 8.1 pounds
  • Marvel-branded push-button handle
  • Sturdy and gorgeous set
  • Very spacious
  • It is waterproof
  • It perfectly fits on the airplanes overhead cubicle
  • None

7. G-RO 22-inch Carry-on Luggage

G-RO 22-inch Carry-on Luggage

Take your trips to the level with the elegant G-RO Carry-On luggage bag. From its rough-terrain gigantic wheels to the advanced GPS location tracker device, this groundbreaking confidant bag is equipped with advanced features. Lightweight, yet remarkably long-lasting it spots a very strong ballistic super nylon outer shell, which features an extra-long handle and top-grade YKK zippers.

Adding to its capacious, perfectly-structured inner part is a direct-access compartment for laptop and some external pockets for keeping you connected and organized on the move. The distinctive axle-free wheel design alongside with an inbuilt tablet stand plus charging position with dual USB peripherals gives the G-RO a smart option for expert explorers.

Check Product Features
  • Detachable 10,000mAh power bank
  • Garment expansion sleeve
  • non-polarized
  • Advanced tile-slim Bluetooth baggage locator
  • Dual USB ports
  • Adjustable, telescopic handle
  • Lens width: 50mm
  • TSA locks
  • Weighs 9.3lbs
  • Pretty easy packing
  • Suitable external pockets for water bottles, laptops, passports, tablets and more
  • Built to last
  • Nice telescoping handle
  • Available Dual USB ports
  • luggage strap for extra bags
  • Hard to pack9. Delsey Chatelet Hard+ 21-Inch Carry-On Luggage 4-Wheel Spinner from DELSEY Paris

6. Raden A22 Carry-on Luggage, Light Blue Gloss

 Raden A22 Carry

Stylishly designed and fitted out with the modern travel technology, A22 Carry-on Luggage by Raden ’s answers the requirements of style-conscious, connecting travelers with a built-in weighing unit handle and dual micro USB ports – ideal for charging your gadgets while on the go. When Raden app is paired, you can easily weigh your bag simply by lifting or determining its rough location if lost.

It has a neat interior with equally sized compartments, two zippered, pockets for small-sided items, and facilities such as eye mask, earplugs, and battery charging a USB cable.

Check Product Features
  • Made using 100% polycarbonate shells plus waterproof sealing
  • Self-Weighing mechanism
  • Integrated power bank with 2-external USB ports
  • Inbuilt-in Bluetooth creates location awareness
  • TSA Approved
  • Measures 14-inches x 9-inches x 22-inches
  • Weighs 5.58 pounds
  • Removable Battery
  • Four double-spinning wheel
  • TSA-approved dense design for prioritizing maximum interior storage
  • Made with the modern travel technology
  • Durable enough to overcome impacts
  • flexible enough for cracks prevention
  • polyurethane tires ensure smooth riding
  • Feels rickety and cheap5. Luggage Crew 11 21-inches Carry-on Expandable Spinner by Travelpro

5. DELSEY Paris Delsey Luggage Chatelet Hard

DELSEY Paris Delsey Luggage Chatelet Hard

Summer essentials list can never be complete if a chic carry-on bag is not included. With the vintage-inspired feminine Chatelet Luggage carry-on, all ladies around will admire your baggage carousel! This elegant and French innovation brings to mind stylish Parisian crashes sunny French Riviera entrance ways while also offering durability and functionality. Aside from built-in TSA lock, 4-noiseless, and smooth-running dual wheels, the cabin trolley casing features a patented incorporated brake with the ability to locks your wheels, stopping it from moving away.

Faux leather intonations all over the bag give this bag timeless and classic design. Delsey made this carry-on luggage using 100% Virgin Polycarbonate that is articulated to attain the utmost standards of impact resistance and extreme temperature. The inner part is nicely lined with comfy soft-touch padding with travel hanger, 2- zippered compartments, and 2-removable bags.

Check Product Features
  • Unique brake system
  • Faux leather accents
  • Manufactured with 100% Virgin Polycarbonate
  • A sunken TSA-approved lock
  • Measures 9.5-inches x 20.2-inches x 14.2- inches
  • Weighs 9.3 pounds
  • The interior provides two packing compartments
  • Superior quality
  • Smooth maneuverability with double spinner wheels
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Luxurious fully-lined interior
  • Can easily get scratches

4. CHESTER Carry-On Luggage

CHESTER Carry-On Luggage

Lightweight and impact resistance are among this bag’s notable features, enriched by a contemporary, sleek design and an agent of modern conveniences. Made-up of 100% polycarbonate, 22-inches carry-on luggage by Chester is among the unsurpassed value and lightest in its category. Nevertheless, this has got nothing to do with compromising on convenience and quality.

On the other hand, with a detachable nylon laundry bag, 3-interior organizers, and 2-roomy compartments, you have more than enough room you require to carefully keep your things when traveling. Furthermore, its telescoping ergonomic handle along 4-silent spinner wheels ensure 360-degree movement through the terminal, whereas the TSA-compliant lock and size make your trip as stress-free and smooth as possible.

Check Product Features
  • Leather luggage tag
  • Removable nylon bag
  • Manufactured scratch-resistant, long-lasting, water-resistant and flexible
  • TSA approved lock
  • Weighs 7 pound
  • 100% Aluminum collapsible handle
  • Guarantee safety of your luggage
  • Sturdy side handle
  • Stronger and lighter compared to some plastics
  • Ideal roll anytime and anywhere
  • Provide maximum storage with organizer compartment
  • None

3. Travelpro Luggage Crew 11 21″ Carry-on Expandable Spinner

Travelpro Luggage Crew 11 21

Designed with professional explorers in mind, the Travelpro Crew 11 21-inches Expandable Spinner luggage carry-on is the essence of practicality. Incorporated with a detachable dual garment carry-on and an assortment of pockets for holding your luggage, it helps you in packing like a flying attendant and remains organized while traveling.

This top-quality, multipurpose, travel bag features a variety of nice features as well, including a dedicated power-bank pocket, patented 360-degree double spinner wheels, and external USB port for powering up your gadgets on the go. It also features stain, rugged water scratch resistant ballistic premium nylon exterior and premium leather side and top carry handle. The featured PowerScope extension handle can allow adjustments of multiple heights, hence becoming an ideal carry-on luggage for regular travelers.

Check Product Features
  • 8-self-aligning magnetic rolling wheel
  • Dedicated charger pocket
  • Damage and scratch-resistant DuraGuard coating
  • full-length inner lid pocket
  • High-quality ballistic nylon structure
  • PowerScope Extension Handle
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Has adjustable straps
  • Long-lasting SUPRA zipper heads
  • Wheels not that durable

2. Travelpro Platinum 21-inches Magna 2 Carry-On

 Travelpro Platinum Magna 2-Softside Expandable

Travelpro luggage carry-on has been utilized by airline staffs for decades simply because of its durability and simplicity and has gained some of the unsurpassed luggage reviews from commercial airline professionals. The product also features self-aligning magnetic rolling wheels that move straight in either direction allowing you to move it instead of pulling and drifting to all directions like any other Spinner luggage.

On top of that, it features contour grip which farther integrates cushioned touch points for providing greater and comforts control whereas PowerScope extension handle lowers wobble especially when fully extended.As a matter of fact, it has a spacious main compartment incorporates tapered enlargement of about 2-inches to maximize packing flexibility while still maintaining a low center of gravity as possible. Well-equipped interior specifications full-length pockets and additional pockets.

Check Product Features
  • Carry-on luggage has a dimension of 21-inches H x 14-inches. L x 9-inches. W
  • Weighs 7.9 lbs.
  • 360-degree rolling wheels
  • 8-self-aligning magnetic wheels
  • Crafted from long-lasting ballistic nylon featuring stylish leather accents
  • Enhance Stability with its expansion designed
    Self-aligning magnetic rolling wheels
    Includes durable zipper heads, cushioned Contour Grip, and detachable attire bag for a wrinkle-free outfit
  • Not that sturdy

1. Samsonite Winfield 2 Brushed Anthracite Hard-side 20-inches Luggage

Samsonite Winfield 2 Brushed Anthracite Hard-side 20-inches Luggage

If you want to be an organized traveler searching for a theft proof, stylish, and durable luggage carry-on, then the Samsonite has good news for you. With a side-mounted TSA lock, 10-year warranty and full-length zip inner partition, this top-rated luggage carry-on bag will safeguard your belongings tidy.
It also features extremely durable and lightweight spinner having polycarbonate construction and sharply molded particulars.

This bag has the capability of flexing absorb impact while under stress and automatically resumes back eliminating dings and dents while shielding its contents. A sophisticated brushed pattern covers any potential scuffs or scratches from your journeys. This bag is suitable for budget or business travelers who are in need of keeping organization and professionalism in mind.

Check Product Features
  • Crafted using 100% polycarbonate
  • Integrated custom design on back and front shell
  • Side-mounted TSA lock
  • Measures 9-inches x13.5-inches x20-inches
  • Weighs 7.37 pound
  • Push-button handle
  • Side-mounted lock guarantee safety of luggage
  • This lightweight line provides heavyweight protection
  • With an inbuilt combination lock
  • Incredibly spacious
  • Provide a remarkably comfortable grip
  • None

What to consider in Carry Luggage

  • Hard or Soft: Depending on personal preference, you can choose to buy soft luggage carry-on as it enables you to certainly squeeze it to maximize storage space. On the other hand, hard luggage carry-on is sleeker and features a more luxurious, unique appearance. Whichever you select, ensure there is sufficient interior compartments/pocket for organization.
  • Wheels : The new standard carry-on luggage is the one with 4-wheels. This is because two-wheeled luggage carry-on set will make you struggle throughout the journey with tugging, lugging, and pulling. Luckily enough 4-wheels provide upright pushing flexibility of the luggage yet still enabling you to tug it behind.
  • Size : The ideal size for carry-on luggage bag is 22-inches set – this is maximum measurements for virtually all airlines across international and domestic flights.
  • Handles: Ideally, a carry luggage will have a side handle and short top handle for lifting and an additional strong telescopic handle which, can both pull and push the luggage easily. The ideal telescopic handles should be tall enough to let you tug your belongings at a comfy arm length while still contracting mid-way.


In conclusion, the above review is comprehensive enough to provide you with all relevant information concerning how to choose the best product and which to buy depending on your taste and preference. In the same way, all products listed above possess different yet desirable specification that will certainly suit all your travel needs.