Top 10 Best Metal Shears in 2019 Reviews
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Top 10 Best Metal Shears in 2019 Reviews

Metals shears are precision tools with a chromium or high-carbon blade. They are used in factories or homes for metal roofing, cutting metals like copper, steel, plastic, aluminum or brass. They have different speed controls and flexible functionality to make them handle various purposes.

There are many metals shears on the market today from various brands. This makes it challenging to find one that best suits your needs. So, how can you choose the best metal shear? Below is a guide on top 10 best metal shears to help you make an informed decision.

10. Pit Bull 2 Finger Trigger Metal Shear

Pit Bull 2 Finger Trigger Metal Shear

This is a highly portable metal shear that gives you easy control through its two-finger trigger. Its stylish design makes a perfect working tool since it can’t easily be lost on the ground all in the clutter you may have. Its conspicuous color makes it hard to miss.

Safety is taken care of when using this tool since it has a lock-on button. There are minimal chances of injuring yourself unless if you are extremely careless. You can cut from any angle because the swivel head can rotate up to 360 degrees.

  • The lock-on mechanism for safety
  • Variable speed ranging from 0 to 2500 per minute
  • The maximum cutting capacity of 18 gauge for sheet metal and 20 gauge for stainless steel
  • Two fingers trigger
  • Electrically powered

9. WEN Electric Metal Shear

WEN Electric Metal Shear

Comfort and convenience are two factors that determine the performance of a metal shear. This tool from WEN ensures you have all the comfort you need during shearing for better results. It’s lightweight which means you won’t be tired when using it even for the prolonged time. Being light also makes it easy to carry around if need be.

It is a highly sensitive trigger that will respond to the slightest pressure you apply on it. This tool is not limited to any task or project since it has swiveling heads that can rotate all around to give you the flexibility to cut at any angle. So, no matter the position of the task, you will not have any excuses to avoid doing when you have this tool.

  • Has a cutting range of 0 to 2500 strokes within a minute
  • Can cut through stainless steel with 20 gauge and 18 gauge for sheet metal
  • Powered by a 4 amp electric motor
  • Lightweight for portability and tireless working
  • 360 degrees rotation swiveling heads

8. Genesis Corded Swivel Head Metal Shear

 Genesis GES40 4.0 Amp Corded

This is a stylish metal shear that can be a good choice for simple shearing tasks in your home. However, this doesn’t mean you cannot use it for professional tasks. It will give a smooth and neat trimming or cutting with its variable speed of 0 to 2500 SPM.

You can cut comfortably from any angle using the swiveling head that has 360 degrees rotating capability. This will give you complete control and comfort when using this metal shear. Metal deformation is reduced by the three blade cutting system of this tool.

  • Powered by a 4 amp motor
  • Three blades system
  • Cutting capacity of a maximum of 14 gauge
  • Variable speed ranging from 0 to 2500 SPM
  • All round corded swivel head

7. Gino Development TruePower Metal Shear

Gino Development TruePower Metal Shear

This is the cheapest metal shear that you will find in the market. Its low price should not cheat you on its performance. It is a powerful tool that can withstand being subjected to demanding tasks on a regular basis. Its powerful capability is exhibited by the fact that has a cutting capacity of 18 gauge for the mild steel and 22 gauge for stainless steel. This is the highest you will get in the market.

It is electrically powered which means you will have an easy time shearing surfaces. This is good for newbies to the shearing world or the people who will regularly be shearing and for long periods of time. You won’t get tired easily.

  • Has a no-load speed of 1800 SPM
  • Cutting speed of 150 inches per minute
  • Provides flexible and quality performance
  • On/off switch for comfortable control
  • Cuts up to 18 gauge in mild steel and 22 gauge for the stainless steel

6. XtremepowerUS Metal Shear

XtremepowerUS Premium 4.0-Amp

For the making accuracy and precision their priority when choosing a shear metal, this metals is made for them. It will help you make sharp, precise cuts and make smooth, clean finishes. It is electrically powered meaning you will not use a lot of energy to use it. The user-friendly construction of this metal shear makes it a good choice for those starting in shearing and those that will frequently be shearing.

The tool has a swivel head that can rotate all-round. This makes it a flexible tool that will give you the comfort to shear from any angle. The flexibility and comfort ensure you won’t damage the material you are shearing or hurt yourself in the process.

  • It can cut mild steel with a maximum of 14 gauge and 18 gauge for the stainless steel
  • 360 degrees rotating head swivel
  • Neat and smooth cut from any angle
  • Variable speed control ranging from 0 to 2500 RPM
  • Powered by an electric motor

5. RJ Heavy-Duty Metal Shear

Heavy-Duty Electric Metal Shear

This shearing tool can be a good choice if you are looking for one that can handle demanding tasks but have a low budget. It is an electrically powered metal shear that will handle practically any tasks you will subject it without breaking down, or you get tired easily. It has 3 to 4 variable control speeds to give you powerful performance and get your shearing job done within a short time.

RJ heavy-duty metal shear is sturdily built to ensure it gives a long service time. You will not need to buy a new one any time soon. It has a replacement capability to give you the capacity to change it any time you want.

  • Built for heavy-duty tasks
  • Has a swivel head
  • Cuts through 14 Ga steel
  • Uses electric power to operate

4. Campbell Hausfeld 18 Gauge Metal Shear

Campbell Hausfeld 18 Gauge Metal Shear

If you need a metal shear that gives professional results even when carrying out basic shearing projects, this tool can be of great help. With its 2500 strokes per minute, this shear can handle any metal cutting or trimming task it’s subjected to no matter the size of the object. The 18 Gauge cold rolled steel can make smooth and clean cuts when handling duct tasks or repairs on your car’s body. You don’t need any skills to use this tool since it’s easy to handle and have exceptional safety measures.

Since it’s powered by air, this metal shear has a head swivel that prevents air chuck from running across the panels you are cutting. This avoids inconveniences which may at times result in damaging the panels or worse injuring yourself. The head swivel also gives you the flexibility to cut at any angle you want.

  • Operates at 2500 strokes in a minute
  • Can cut at any angle
  • Well suited for duct tasks or repairs on car bodies
  • Affordable price yet equipped with handy features

3. Grizzly Sheet Metal Shear

Grizzly Sheet Metal Shear

This is a powerful metal shear that operates through electric power. It has a variable speed of 0 to 2500 RPM which is enough to give you a smooth shearing experience on any surface you will be working on. Even at the highest speed, this metal shear will run smoothly without any vibrations. This makes it safe for use without the fear of injuring yourself or damaging the surface you are shearing. For mild steel, the shear cuts to a maximum of 14 gauge while in stainless steel, the shear will go up to 18 gauge.

Grizzly metal shear specially designed to use on sheets in circles with a radius of 12 inches and above. If you want to slice, cut or trim a metal sheet, fast and flawlessly, this metal shear can be a good option to go.

  • Has a cutting speed of 150 inches per minute
  • All round adjustable swivel head
  • Variable speed control of up to 2500 SPM
  • Electric motor of 2500 RPM for fast and tireless shearing
  • Good for use on corrugated sheets

2. Malco Heavy-Duty Metal Shear

Malco Heavy-Duty Metal Shear

If you are looking for a shearing tool that can withstand regular and heavy-duty usage, this metal shear can be what you have been looking all along. It has strong and replaceable blades that make you not to worry about getting them damaged. After all, you can easily replace them if need be. It can easily cut through tight patterns or square cuts. This gives you the flexibility to use it anywhere you want.

You can easily attach a 1200 RPM drill to this metal shear for a smooth and fast cutting on any surface. The efficient performance and durability of this shear tool make an excellent choice for professionals who are continually working on heavy-duty tasks.

  • The blades are replaceable
  • You can easily turn your power drill into a heavy-duty power shear
  • Can cut through galvanized steel with a gauge of 18 and spiral duct of 20 gauge
  • Easy to navigate through square cuts and tight patterns
  • Comes with a clamping device

1. Malco TSCM Metal Shear

Malco TSCM Metal Shear

This metal shear has a compact drill clamp that you can fit in various drills and impact drivers of all sizes to give you a smooth operating experience. You will cut with high precision and flexibility courtesy of the compact drill clamp that can rotate 360 degrees and a locking mechanism. It is made of Aluminum which makes it lightweight to carry around when need be. Its carbon steel blades make it hard enough to cut through various materials and last for long.

The shears have lateral blade adjustment capacity which makes them last for long. Even if they are replaceable, there won’t be any reason to do it unless for an extraordinary case. The blades are flexible enough to cut through curves and straight lines. So matter the angle or type of surface you will be using this shear on, it will work out smoothly.

  • Replaceable blades
  • Easy to attach on any drill or impact driver
  • Head rotates 360 degrees for ideal tool clearance and flow of material
  • Sleek construction
  • Can be adjusted to high or low speed for smooth and efficient operation

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Metal Shears

  • Usage: As stated earlier, metals shears are not meant for a specific job. Their purpose and performance vary depending on speed controls. Before buying a metal shear, know what you will be using it to avoid buying something that won’t perform as expected.
  • The material used to make the blade: Ensure you buy a metal shear with a strong blade material that can withstand the material you will be cutting. This will avoid breaking and regular replacements which can cost you a lot of money. Besides, a strong blade will make cutting smooth and fast without too much tiring.
  • Speed Controls: What is the speed controls of the metal shear that you want to buy? Choose a shear with high-speed to allow you to avoid unwanted slowdowns when working and increase stroking speed for better cutting and finishing.
  • Safety: Shearing can result in injuries or damage if the tool you are using doesn’t have the right safety enhancements or precautions. Ensure the metal shear you buy has these features like point-of-operation guards or warning labels to keep you safe during shearing. You should take some training before using shears if you never used one before. This will enhance your safety further.
  • Extra Features: Ensure the metal shear you choose to have additional features that improve its performance, durability, and safety. Such features include blade gap adjustment capability, support arms, various types of blades, automatic lube system, ball transfers, and pads for isolating vibration. A metal shear with these features will make your work easier and fast.
  • Cost: What is the budget that you had planned to use in buying a metal shear? Compare various metal shears and choose one that suits your financial status. Cheap is expensive, and you should avoid that. However, a metal shear being costly doesn’t guarantee it will be of good quality. Check the features it has and weighs that against the price it’s selling. This way, you will avoid buying something expensive that is not of good quality or something cheap that won’t perform or last long.


Metal shears are not only meant for professionals but also useful tools to add to your garage to help you with minor repairs like roofing, car body repair, and many more applications. When you go out in the market to choose one, you may end up being confused due to the wide range of brands and models you will get. The above guide can help you make an informed choice and choose a metal shear that will best suit your needs.