Top 10 Best Workout Timers in 2019 Reviews
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Top 10 Best Workout Timers in 2019 Reviews

When working out, everyone will always wish to get the best results. By timing your workouts, you can always know areas to improve on. This, therefore, means that you need to invest in the best workout timer that will serve you accordingly. With the high number of the workout timers on the market, you may find it challenging to get the ideal timer. For the ultimate workout timer, you need to check out for a number of features that include the LCD screen, sound system, design, and price of the timer.

10. EMDMAK 100-Hour Dual Count Workout Timer

Digital Timer EMDMAK 100 Hour Dual Count

This is a perfect dual timer that allows you to set two different times at the same time. This implies that it can be used by more than one person when working out.

Secondly, the timer has an adjustable alarm sound. With this, you can easily adjust the volume, making it suitable even when working out some distance away. The timer has a larger LCD screen with very clear digits to offer a better view. You can, therefore, see the reading even when some meters away.

In addition to this, the timer is highly versatile. This is because apart from workouts, you can also use it for cooking, classroom, and games timer. It is one affordable timer with a unique design to allow for easy portability.

  • Large LCD screen
  • Adjustable alarm sound
  • One in dual timer
  • Unique design

9. Everlast Interval Training Round Timer

Everlast 7011 Interval Training Timer Yellow

Do you need the ideal workout timer that will suit your daily training? This is a perfect timer that you can now rely on for top-notch service. This elegant timer has a unique design, which makes it perfect for wall mount or hanging. Second, to this, the timer has the stopwatch mode and dual interval timer. This makes it suitable for two users at the same time.

In addition to this, it features the adjustable rest periods between the rounds. With this, you can always adjust the timer whenever you rest. The affordable timer also has a detachable belt clip.

This makes it elementary to carry it around when working out in the field. It also has the magnetic backing for easy attachment of the timer. Despite the quality features, it is an affordable timer that will serve you longer.

  • Adjustable rest periods
  • Dual interval timer
  • Stop watch modes
  • Detachable belt clip

8. Flex Home Edition Workout Timer

GymNext Flex Timer - Home Edition

Irrespective of the kind of workout you are involved in, this is a perfect timer, which you will find ideal. The timer has been designed to suit different workouts like fitness boot camps, CrossFit, seven-minute workouts plus other interval training. The timer is easy to read due to the fact that it has a large LCD screen for better visibility.

Additionally, the timer allows you to enjoy your favorite music when working out. This is because it works with external and Bluetooth speakers. The ergonomic timer is easier to control directly from your Smartphone or smartwatch.

The timer can be mounted on the wall for better visibility; hence very reliable. It also lasts for several years due to the rugged construction.

  • 3-inches LED screen
  • Multi-purpose timer
  • Free mobile application
  • Widely compatible

7. Datexx Miracle TimeCube Workout Timer

datex timer

For an ergonomic and reliable timer, this is a perfect timer that will serve you better and longer. This timer is easy to use since it has not switches and buttons. The timer works by turning the fit timecube to allow it to begin the countdown. It can count from 10, 20, 30, and 60 seconds, which makes it reliable and convenient.

Besides this, the timer also has the alarm ringer that you can set to either high or low based on the preference and activity involved in. It is a cost-effective timer, which will assure you of excellent results as you workout.

In addition to this, it runs on the 2AAA batteries; hence a great pick for all users. The versatile timer is suitable for a number of workouts like the fitness, workout routines, and HIIT among others.

  • Alarm ringer
  • Versatile timer
  • Ergonomic timer
  • Seconds timer settings

6. Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch

 Gymboss Interval Timer and Stopwatch

The Gymboss Interval Timer is a reliable and versatile device that is suitable for use with the weightlifting, strength training, and body for life among others. This multi-purpose timer has a built-in stopwatch and clock features, which makes it perfect for other activities.

It also has the auto mode that enables it to repeat through the intervals. Other than this, the timer is a compact device, which you will find suitable for use anywhere.

It provides one or two intervals between every two seconds up to 99 minutes. With the chime and vibration interval notification, it will always keep you notified. The rugged timer is ideal for use at outdoors and indoors. The secure and removable belt-clip makes it easier to carry to every place.

  • Compact interval timer
  • Built-in stopwatch
  • Removable belt clip
  • Auto-mode

5. XRES Large Digital Countdown Timer

XRES Large Digital Countdown Timer

When buying the workout timer, it is appropriate to check out for the display. This is a classy timer with large digital LCD display; hence you get the best view from any direction. The timer also shows in bold digits, which makes it even better for all users.

Other than this, it has the two in one placement built-in table stand. With this, you can easily position the timer on the table for easier view. It is easy to operate since it will automatically switch to the previous setting to repeat the task.

Additionally, the timer is great for a number of activities like; homework, gym workouts, and cooking food. You can also use it in the classroom, office, and for sports. The timer has a loud sound alarm for reliable services.

  • Large digital timer
  • Versatile workout timer
  • Loud sound alarm
  • Clock mode

4. Etekcity Digital Big Digits Loud Alarm Timer

Etekcity Digital Kitchen Timer, Big Digits

This is a unique, compact, and portable timer that you will find great for long-term use. The digital timer is lightweight and easier to read due to the large readout. It has an LCD screen of 2.56 x 1.32 inches in size and bold digits for a better view.

Besides this, it also has the loud alarm system that is friendly to the ear. With this, you can always get the alarm even when some distance away.

Other than this, the durable and affordable timer has the custom access, which comprises of the magnetic backing, hanging hook, and foldout stand. This makes it easier to mount on the wall or stand in the table. The digital timer easily counts up and down to make the operation simpler.

  • Loud alarm system
  • Large readout
  • Portable and compact
  • Custom access

3. Habor Digital Strong Magnetic Back Timer

Habor Digital Strong Magnetic Back Timer

Where do you wish to position the timer for a better view whenever needed? This is one great timer with the strong magnetic back; hence you can attach to objects.

Besides this, it also has the hanging hook and retractable stand for hanging on the wall or table stand. The timer is ergonomic since it has two modes, which are the clock mode and timer mode for the up and down count.

The large LCD display of the timer provides a clearer view from whatever position. It also has bold writing for an enhanced view. To ensure that you are alerted, it has a loud beeping sound, which makes it a reliable timer. The affordable timer is now available in a wide range of colors to pick from.

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Counts up and countdown
  • Large LCD display
  • Strong magnetic back

2. Century 7 Day Digital Programmable Timer

Century 7 Day Digital Programmable Timer

Here is the best-selling workout timer, which you will find great for everyday use. This timer is easily customizable and versatile, which makes it ideal for a number of activities. With the on/off switch, you can easily program the timer to meet your expectations.

Second, to this, it is very safe and reliable. This is because it has been listed by the UL to be a safer timer. It also suits a number of activities like the home workouts, gym, kitchen use, and much more. The device comes with a powerful and long-lasting battery that will assure you of a longer runtime. Lastly, the affordable time has a large LCD screen to provide a better view.

  • Customizable and versatile timer
  • Safe and reliable
  • Eight on/off programs
  • Two grounded outlets

1. Wrenwane Digital Workout Timer

Wrenwane Digital Workout Timer

This is a great digital timer that is suitable for the kitchen use and workouts. This timer is easy to use and with the loud sound system, you will always stay notified whenever the time runs up.

Besides this, the elegant time is designed to last for years. It is appropriate for the outdoor and indoor activities; hence one best pick you never want to miss. The workout timer is also easy to read even when distance away. This is due to the fact that it has the large and clear digits besides the large LCD screen. This timer is economical on power due to the on/off switch that makes it more convenient.

Other than this, the timer is easy to set up in different places. For the wall mount, it has the magnetic back and hanging hook. Apart from this, it also has the retractable stand for use on table tops.

  • On/Off switch
  • Large and clear digits
  • Counts up and down
  • Loud-sounding alarm

Workout Timers Buying Guide

You can now find the best workout timer by considering the following features and factors.

  • LCD Screen: This is one feature that you have to consider when buying the timer. You need to check out for the ideal timer with the large and wide LCD screen. Such type of timer makes it easier to read the time even when some meters away. Secondly, check out for the writing, which needs to be bold enough for better visibility. With this, you will find the timer very reliable and convenient for the workouts.
  • Sound System: A number of the workout timers may not be loud enough; hence you will fail to hear the alarm. For better clarity, you need to go for a timer that has an improved soft-loud sound system that is friendly to the ear. With this, you will never miss hearing any alarm even when busy working out. The timer should also allow for volume adjustment to suit every user.
  • Versatility: Besides the workout you engage in, you may also find it necessary to try other workouts. The timer needs to be highly versatile to suit all kinds of workouts and fitness activities. In addition to this, the timer should also be ideal for other activities like use in the kitchen, office, and classroom.
  • Price and Warranty: Every buyer will always worry about the cost and ask more about the warranty. You need to find a cost-effective timer, which will suit your budget and provides a longer warranty.

These are some of the a-must check features and factors when buying the workout timer. You may also consider other things like the design, portability, safety, and set-up process. With these, you will definitely find the best workout timer for long-term service.


For all the workouts that you may wish to engage in, these are the best workout timers that you need to give a try. The timers are easy to use due to the ergonomic design and simple settings. They are highly versatile and can be used for different activities. Besides this, the workout timers are also easier to mount on the wall or table top. They can be used for indoors and outdoors activities due to the rugged construction, which makes them perfect for long-term use. The timers have got a loud sound system that will alert you whenever necessary. These are the best picks that you never want to miss.